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Wednesday 29th May 2024

1230 - 1330

Confirmed Employment Partners;

JobOppO Connects

What to expect:

It will be a relaxed and informative virtual Employment & Networking event. We've briefed the EPs and asked them to;

  • Spend 5 mins introducing their organisation, including details of AF programmes and pathways, Veteran networks etc
  • Talk about their live roles and what they predict may come online in the short term
  • Discuss the kind of skills and attributes their organisation is looking for
  • Share their contact details with you

Network Not Paperwork

We know, when you're looking for a new organisation to work for, it's important to get as much insight as you can - and we hope the JobOppO network will enable that.

JobOppO recognises some Veterans and Service Leavers can struggle to appreciate and articulate the skills, knowledge and attitude they accrued while in uniform. Building, working on and utilising your network, particularly if you’re yet to leave the military, is a sure-fire way of opening doors, increasing confidence and finding a place where your value is respected and needed.

JobOppO Connects

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JobOppO House

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